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Tarot Card Readings

Those entering into my world of Tarot Card Readings will find a place of warmth, empathy, Love and care in all that matters so deeply to you. Compassion and truth while performing my Tarot Card Readings is the only way I find a clearing to your path that lies ahead. With the tarot cards, a path of freedom from all that has held you down and away from all you hoped to become. The tarot card's meanings and tarot card spreads will reveal the path.

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$50.00 per half hour
$90.00 one full hour
Tarot Card Readings are done via phone at a mutually agreed upon time.

We begin our tarot card reading journey together by peeling back the many layers of one’s spirit. When we find tales of sadness so deep within, we then must recognize this was and is not what God, Goddess and Universe brought us here to experience. We will work together in a space of comfort, quiet and peace. Together we will find truth joyfully embracing all we know it is be. This is Eden. This was God’s plan.Tarot Cards

I am a Spiritual Tarot Card Reader. I am not a Tarot Card Reader who will tell you what you wish to hear. By removing truth, one is simply spinning his or her wheels. I am a Tarot Card Reader who embraces the honesty and finds a healthier outcome for you once you release your inner secrets, not to me, but to yourself. I have always said if you show me of yesterday, and without the willingness to change, I can only show you more of the same.

My work begins with Zen, the power of now. From here I will take a walk with you to your most recent past and from that point we see the light of a powerfully enriched tomorrow. Together and with the forces from above we will work diligently in finding you peace within.

As a Tarot Card Reader of so many Blessed years, this is my vow to you, I can and will show you a new way of walking in peace, learning new ways of conquering the past by forgiving those who hurt you and those you have hurt. Holding on to pain will move no man forward.

Embrace each day as if it were your day of birth. The day you took your very first breath. Then smile knowing tomorrow will be a day of breathing without thinking, learning and Loving all you touch and all that has touched you.